Dr. Majid Abdolzadeh is a medical sciences graduate from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He finished the specialist courses in general surgery and was granted the scholarship to continue his studies in France. For two and a half years, he passed several courses on cosmetic and plastic surgery in Montpellier, Lyon and Paris, sitting at classes hosted by Goudot, a great professor and former head of the French association for maxillofacial surgeons based in Montpellier, Dr. Foyetier, head of the French association for plastic surgeons in Lyon and Prof. Minmoon, head of the plastic surgery unit at Rotchild Hospital in Paris. At the same time, he successfully completed fellowship of microsurgery courses and art in plastic surgery.
Returning to Iran, he put aside all the university degrees for running a business in plastic surgery and rather took an entrance exam to a plastic surgery course for three years sitting in classes hosted by several renowned Iranian professors in plastic surgery at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. He earned a specialist board for plastic surgery in 2010. A short while later, he was admitted to a Master of Cranio-maxillofacial program, where he gained a great deal of experience. He acquired the techniques for nose cosmetic surgery and facial rejuvenation through modern methods such as Endoscopic lift of face, eyebrow and eyelid from famous American and French professors. Currently, he is sharing his experience with Iranian compatriots and at the same time, being a member of the Iranian association for cosmetic and plastic surgery and the French society for cosmetic surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Abdolzadeh has been actively involved in the following cosmetic association websites so as to share the knowledge of internationally well-known professors in plastic surgery (particularly French and American) and modern procedures in cosmetic nose surgery.